My mind can get crowded
with drama and fears
but what frightens me more
is when Nothing appears.

I can work with a challenge;
Act braver, be true
but when Nothing’s going on
I don’t know what to do.

At one spot on the wall
people notice me stare
My eyes can’t look away
because Nothing is there.

Though this party’s a treat
I must hurry away
for I’d better not speak
when I’ve Nothing to say.

I can try to be calm
Rid my mind of its pains
but if I should succeed
sometimes Nothing remains.

If my work’s done today
Prayers said, conscience clear
I can honestly say
I have Nothing to fear.

And I know in the night
when I’m rigid with dread
All this time Mom was right–
Nothing’s under my bed.

So when kindly you ask
why I’m quiet so long
Now you know what it means
when I say Nothing’s wrong.

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