100 Reasons To Keep Writing

This morning, Not This Song acquired its 100th follower! Now, I’m so new to blogging that I have no idea if this is unusual or not, but it seems pretty good to me considering that the site has been up for less than a month! I thank all who are following me, because you inspire me to believe that I do have something to say and that it’s worth it for me to keep practicing my ability to express it.

In honor of the occasion, I’ve added some more personal information to my “About” page. I am also working on putting together a resource page, which will contain information about various organizations related to addiction and mental health support. Eventually, I plan to add a page of favorite books as well.

I want to acknowledge the fact that, like many of us, I get a little nervous when things are going well. The joy of expressing myself in a new way…the gratification I feel when I get positive feedback…the awakening of old dreams and excitement; all of these are so wonderful and yet trigger feelings of disorientation and anxiety at times. So many ideas and thoughts rush through me that I don’t know if I am skating toward a manic state or if I’m just happy! That’s when I need to seek a reality check from the people close to me, and they have been very supportive.

Tell me honestly, do I seem grounded today?

Tell me honestly, do I seem grounded today?

There’s only one way for me to get better at coping with a richer and more expressive life, and that’s practice! So I am determined to keep writing as I also give attention to keeping my life balanced: keeping up with my meetings and 12-step work, spending time outdoors, and reaching out to friends.

I really want to keep my ego out of the way as much as possible when it comes to the results of my writing. For me, that means trying not to have expectations about how it will be received, but it also means not letting my insecurities convince me to hold back. So I’m going to work on telling more people about it than I have, and I’ll try to learn how to do some of the things I don’t know how to do yet that will bring it to new audiences. If there’s a post that you think will speak to others, I hope you’ll reblog, share the link on your social media, or any other methods I don’t yet know about!

I’d also like to encourage anyone who has a question or a suggestion for a post topic to mention it in a comment; I’d be honored to address it if I can. Thank you all once again, and I look forward to exploring and telling more stories with you.

5 responses to “100 Reasons To Keep Writing

  1. Congratulations
    One follower at a time!!

  2. Hello… you’ve got one more follower. You write good stuff and I am looking forward to read more.

  3. Congratulations! Surely means you are doing something right!

  4. Congratulations on having 100 followers! You’re writing about things that clearly resonate with people. Keep doing what you’re doing and stay focused on your truth and authenticity!

  5. Uh-oh. I better try and get caught up (I’m jealous). Of course, it would probably help if I spent more time on here, interacting with other bloggers instead of my post-and-run behavior. Congratulations!

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